As a Doctor, Am I Able to Locum in Australia Whilst On a 457 Visa?

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With recent changes to the visas that most doctors use to work here in Australia, the 457 Visa has been replaced by the new 482 Visa. Take a look at out our recent blog on everything you need to know about the changes and the 482 Visa.

At Triple0, we get plenty of questions around Visas; what do you need, how do you get it, and how does it impact what you can do while working in Australia & New Zealand. Today, our focus turns to a question we are often asked by people who have come to Australia to work as a doctor: “can I work as a locum on a 457 Visa?”

What this means for you?

Doctors working on a 457 Visa in Australia have a clause on their Visa that is unique to doctors and a couple of other occupations (Clause 8107), which allows them to work for anyone – not just their Visa sponsor.

This means that if you have general or specialist registration with AHPRA and a valid 457 Visa enabling you to work as a doctor, you are able to work as a locum for agencies such as Triple0. This can either be during times of leave from your sponsored employer or – if the expiry date of the Visa allows – you could work as a locum after your employment finishes with your sponsor.

However, there are also some obligations you have to fulfill as part of this. The policy on 8107 for doctors outlines an expectation that doctors keep their sponsor informed of their continued employment in the nominated occupation. This includes ensuring the sponsor is regularly:

  1. Given details of the person(s) the Visa holder is currently working for (other than the sponsoring employer).
  2. Informed as to hours the Visa holder is working on a weekly/fortnightly/monthly basis.
  3. Informed of any payments the Visa holder is receiving from other employers on a weekly/fortnightly/monthly basis.

The purpose of completing the above is to assist sponsors with meeting their sponsor obligations. For doctors, this demonstrates continued compliance with the elements of 8107 that apply to them – ‘work in the occupation’ and ‘do not cease employment for more than 60 days’.  When working through Triple0, you’ll be supported and guided through the full process and with resources being provided when necessary.

There are changes to the 457 Visa coming up, and while though details and dates have not been determined at this time, Triple0 will keep you up to date with the latest procedures and processes and how they affect you.

Want to know more? Contact one of our team to find out how you can experience the benefits of working as a locum throughout Australia.  We will need to see a copy of your 457 Visa as part of the process.

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