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Welcome to the latest instalment of our Inside Triple0 blog series! In this series, we’ll be profiling the people within our team, so you can get to know us a little bit better and find out what drives us to do what we do. This week, we’re talking to Managing Director, Mike Adam, about the history of Triple0, his involvement on the RCSA NZ Council, and the most important question of all: rugby or cricket?

First off Mike, can you tell me when you founded Triple0 and a little about the company’s history?

Katrina and I started Triple0 on December 16th, 1999 and I remember our first locum placement shortly after at Gosford Hospital in NSW. We were really excited and placements started to happen faster and faster from there. We were based at home for the first 2-3 years and had a couple of staff coming into our home to work – which, unfortunately for them, meant they had noisy kids running around in the next room and the normal household chores happening around them. But it worked at the time. We then decided to move into a real office and chose Ferrymead here in Christchurch and have been here ever since.

What was the goal or objective in starting a medical recruitment agency?

I had worked for a medical recruitment agency in the UK and Katrina is a Registered Nurse, so our skills aligned and we though it was a good idea. I always wanted to work for myself – I don’t think I would be a good employee so that was the best option.

What do you think are the key values of Triple0 Medical?

It’s always been important to me that we have great staff who enjoy themselves while at work. We have a great culture in our office and that leads to success. It’s important to treat others as you want to be treated and our team treat each other and our clients with respect –good old-fashioned manners that we were taught by our grandparents. Everyone knows their role in our business and are encouraged to think outside the square to ensure we are continually improving. We have a great team in our office and I love being a part of it.

Could you also tell me a bit about your industry leadership through involvement on the RCSA NZ Council?

I’ve only just started that role and I am there to ensure the health sector has a voice in the future of recruitment in NZ. The role is about improving the industry visibility, reputation and relationships to gain better outcomes for candidates, clients and therefore the recruitment agencies themselves. Once I find my feet, I am looking forward to the challenge.

To you, what are the most important aspects of a relationship between a recruiter and doctor?

Without a doubt, the most important aspects are trust and communication. The doctors are trusting us to find the right role for them. If our team doesn’t listen to what the doctor wants and needs then it is unlikely we will secure them the right role. Communication is key – the doctor has to like you to trust you, so forming a solid working relationship is the first step and continuing to communicate where we are up to on a regular basis – the old adage no news is news rings true with me.

What do you like to do in your free time?

I go running in the bush with my dog most mornings before work – gets the mind and body going well. I also enjoy mountain biking but a bit more controlled these days as the body certainly doesn’t heal as quickly as it used to. I love surfing when I get the chance and we usually do a couple of camping trips a year to good surf spots.

Quick Fire Round

Ski field or beach?

Can I choose both?

Beer or wine?

Used to be beer only but now a nice glass of wine with dinner is pretty normal for me.

Rugby or cricket?

Rugby – the only reason I have Foxtel.

Mind reader or fluent in every language?

Fluent in every language – it would be too scary to be a mind reader. People’s private thoughts should stay that way.

If you had 15 seconds to convince a doctor to work with Triple0 Medical, what would you say?

There is a lot of choice out there but I think our team is amongst the best out there for forming successful working relationships with our clients (doctors and hospitals/practices alike). Give one of our team a call and I think you will agree with me – they are easy to get along with and trust – and most important for you, they listen!

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