Triple0 Talks Episode 1: Making The Move to New Zealand

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When thinking about relocating, New Zealand is a very popular choice for doctors looking to expand their horizons and experience living and working in another culture and healthcare system. 

With New Zealand’s beautiful landscapes, sunny weather and unmatched opportunities to explore the great outdoors, not to mention the great working conditions and salary, it’s easy to see why so many doctors are keen on working in New Zealand.  

For our first-ever podcast, we thought it would be helpful to hear about the first-hand experiences of two doctors who have relocated to New Zealand. We were lucky enough to chat with Dr. Kate Woods and Dr. John Taylor, who are House Officers in the gorgeous Hawkes Bay.  

In August 2019, they made the big move from the UK to New Zealand, if youre a doctor planning to work in New Zealand, this podcast reveals all the essentials you’ll need to consider when planning your move. 

During their conversation with Mike Adam, our Managing Director, the following topics were discussed: 

  • Relocating with family (1:12)
  • The difference in the work-life balance between countries (4:00)
  • Immigration (7:26)
  • Registration process  (11:10)
  • Settling into new environments (15:20)
  • Lifestyle (23:40)

Listen below to our chat with Kate and John and if you’d like to learn more about relocating down under, we have three comprehensive relocation guides for Australia and New Zealand for:

Also, feel free to contact the team with any questions. 

Triple0 Talks is our podcast series that discusses important issues facing doctors today. Each episode highlights a specific theme and provides a real-world perspective from those who experience life as a doctor first-hand. 

Listen to the podcast here on Soundcloud

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