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Work for the Best Medical Recruiters in New Zealand! 

Since the birth of Triple0 Medical Recruitment in 1999, our exceptional company culture has always been something of great importance to us. Throughout the years, our team has always been a close-knit unit that works cohesively together.

Our core values are underpinned by the CARES concept. These five attributes describe how we work each and every day, not only working with doctors and hospitals and clinics, but also internally as a team.

This concept consists of:

  • Care
  • Authenticity
  • Responsibility
  • Expertise
  • Solutions 

With medical recruitment being a fast-moving industry, we are always looking for team orientated individuals who can take us to the next level, while adhering to our core values.

If you are currently living in the UK and are considering a move down under to NZ to work as a medical recruiter, have a read of our guide to Living & Working in NZ as a Recruiter.

If you are an experienced & successful medical recruiter, would like to learn more about becoming one, or if you are interested in working for one of the best medical recruiters in New Zealand (if we do say so ourselves!), please contact our CEO - Mike Killick

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