4 Steps to Securing the Best Locum Assignments

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The development of online skills and familiarity with online tools has emerged as the necessity in job seeking for a great many industries. Within the locum landscape, however, there are several more traditional principles which still underpin an effective job search for doctors looking to secure the right locum assignment for them. We have identified four key commonalities over the years which have helped doctors to identify and ultimately secure their dream roles, time and again.

Be Prepared

Tackle and complete all the necessary paperwork as early as you can. That way, when the best locum assignments come up, you already have all the pieces in place to give yourself the best possible chance of a positive result. Most of our paperwork is now completed online to make this as easy as possible for you.

To get your application done speedily and efficiently, download the Triple0 Guide to Preparing Locum Paperwork, available in New Zealand specific versions.

Be Flexible

If a role comes up that ticks the majority of the boxes but may require some compromises such as late night or weekend work, consider all the positives and negatives and weigh each opportunity on its merits. Ultimately the locum role is likely to go to the doctor who is willing to adapt to fit the required schedule.

Be Contactable

Keep us up to date with changes to your availability and preferences. We are instructed on new roles daily, so the more specific and real-time you can keep the information we have on record for you, the more likely it is that we can match you with exactly what you are looking for.

Be Honest

If you are talking to another agency or another hospital yourself – tell us. It helps us paint a clearer picture of what you are looking for, what you are considering at the moment and then turning this into opportunities on your behalf. Ultimately it is our job to prove to you that you only need one agency – Triple0.

For more advice or support with the recruitment process, or to get the rundown of active locum opportunities contact the Triple0 team today.

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