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The world of medicine is built on new contributions to knowledge that are constantly updating the narrative of care. A by-product of the busy schedule of modern doctors is that they often lack the opportunity to learn what’s new in real-time or build relationships with peers, leading some to feel as if they are working in isolation. Podcasts are an excellent way to stay on top of the most important developments when your commitments just won’t permit any other methods. To help get you started we’ve put together a list of six of the best.

Six Podcasts Doctors Should Listen to


1.      Reach MD – Curious Headlines


Reach MD is something of a one-stop-news-shop for doctors, with on-demand programming and a 24/7 streaming service, the US-based internet radio station offers insights on almost every conceivable branch of medicine as well as providing details of medical novelties and points of interest. This link will take you to the Curious Headlines section with shows ranging from why sour tastes make us better risk-takers through to botox injections treating stomach cancer. Listen here.


2.      Talk medicine from BMJ


The BMJ is one of the worlds oldest and most trusted peer-reviewed medical journals. Originally known as the British Medical Journal and now permanently shortened to The BMJ, the podcast portion of the online repository has programmes from 35 different journals all centrally stored, easy to search through and access. Listen here.


3.      Docs Outside the Box

Docs outside the box

An exceptionally highly regarded and unique contribution to the medical podcast landscape. Dr Nii Darko takes listeners on a journey of discovery via interactions with innovation-driven doctors who are pushing the envelope in their respective fields, bringing new knowledge to the profession from unlikely sources. These aren’t the kind of stories you read about in The BMJ that’s for sure! Listen here


4.      PodMD

This Australian site has a community focus at its core and was developed to bring clinicians closer together despite a continual squeeze on the time doctors have available for building peer-to-peer relationships. Interestingly, registration to PodMD is free as is the right to upload a podcast of your own, subject to review by site management. Listen here


5.      New Zealand Doctor

New Zealand Doctor

The NZ home of all things general practice and primary care with a continuous stream of daily independent news, reviews, jobs and podcasts. The podcast archive is located within the ‘Vault’ which provides access not only to a wealth of materials on the site but also links to other great resources from the Goodfellow institute for example. Listen here


6.      Triple0 Talks

It would be remiss of us not to mention that we’ve been doing some of our own work here! In our Triple0 Talks podcast series we are interviewing physicians we have worked with closely to identify roles across Locum and permanent assignments across Australia and New Zealand, reporting back what they have learned to aid the experiences of others. The aim for us is to give you a real, first-hand insight into the mechanics of the process and how you could benefit! Listen here


For more information about the topics covered in our Triple0 Talks podcast, or if would like to find out about the locum or permanent assignments we have available across New Zealand and Australia, get in touch with us.

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