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Introducing Our Brand-New Allied Health Recruitment Service


As a specialist medical recruitment agency, we’ve been connecting doctors across New Zealand with the very best locum and permanent jobs for over 20 years. Now, we have expanded our impact to a new area of healthcare – Allied Health.

Why Allied Health?

Having built a strong Kiwi business that currently supports doctors and hospitals around New Zealand, we feel that now is the right time to service the wider healthcare community by expanding our reach into the provision of Allied Health staff.

Hospitals and clinics are struggling to get the Allied Health staff they need, particularly those in regional areas of the country, and this is disrupting their ability to provide crucial health services. This is particularly true for regional health providers, who must compete with the larger hospitals in major cities for talent.

We want to help address that, and our major focus is on finding the right people for a role rather than merely plugging a gap. One of our biggest sources of job satisfaction is knowing that by providing cover for a shift or filling a critical vacancy, we are enabling hospitals to provide someone with the care they need, when they need it.

About Our Specialist Allied Health Recruitment Services

Triple0 has always been about building relationships with hospitals, clinics and healthcare professionals – so it makes sense that this is exactly where we are starting with our Allied Health service.

When reaching out to prospective talent, our approach is to cast the net wide – so that means we have a portfolio of domestic Kiwi candidates, but also a rapidly building pipeline of international clinicians.

Having a strong network of candidates will ensure we’re in the position to quickly find the right people for the right roles, keeping hospitals and clinics equipped with the talent they need to operate smoothly.

About Our Specialist Allied Health Recruitment Services

Triple0 already has strong long-term relationships within other areas of healthcare, and many of the clients we’ve spoken to have been delighted to hear that a medical recruitment agency they know and trust is now investing in the Allied Health space.

Meet Your Allied Health Recruiter

Meet Your Allied Health RecruiterWhen Triple0 reached out to me to find out if I was interested in spearheading their Allied Health specialism, I was really enthusiastic about the challenge and eager to sink my teeth into it. Coming from an internal recruitment background working within the Canterbury DHB’s Allied Health portfolio, I gained a broad understanding of the many different professions within Allied Health. I also had the opportunity to work closely with hiring managers within a range of hospital structures and build relationships with professionals from across the specialism.

This has given me the advantage of having an insider’s knowledge of the client’s side of the recruitment process as well as the intricacies of diverse Allied Health roles, and I can’t wait to use this experience to support clients and candidates at Triple0.

Why Work with Us?

Among the biggest advantages we can offer clients is the ability to supply skilled candidates for hard-to-fill roles, and the capacity to take over the burden of the recruitment process in what is currently an extremely competitive market (including securing Why Work with Us?overseas talent when necessary). And since we only charge if we actually place someone in a role, employers can be confident that they will not incur any unexpected costs.

With many healthcare roles falling under the Essential Skills Work Visa, it’s possible to source candidates from countries such as the UK, but since MIQ is in such high demand, handling this process internally can be extremely challenging. Triple0 has a long track record of placing overseas talent into roles within New Zealand hospitals, and we have experts on our team who can make tasks such as aligning flights and MIQ bookings a lot quicker and easier.

For Allied Health professionals, we can offer opportunities in a wide range of settings, including regional health facilities where there is the chance to work within a much more diverse scope than what is available in major public hospitals. In light of the country’s largely successful COVID-19 response, moving to New Zealand will be very attractive for a lot of people from overseas, not to mention the fantastic lifestyle that is on offer.

Find Out More

If you’d like more information on our new Allied Health service, or to find out how we can help you find the right healthcare professional or job opportunity for you, feel free to reach out to me.

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