Triple0 Talks Episode 2: Life as a Locum Doctor

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Triple0 Talks Episode 2: Life as a Locum Doctor

Whether you’re a junior doctor undertaking study or you’re just looking to broaden your professional horizons, locuming is an excellent opportunity to gain some variety and flexibility in your working life.

Some of the key benefits of locum work include the chance to travel, experience new hospital environments, develop new skills, improve your work/life balance and generally become more adaptable and dynamic as a doctor – not to mention the financial advantages it brings.

In the second episode of our Triple0 Talks podcast, we chatted with Dr Shannon McCarthy, an ICU Registrar who, over the course of her career, has locumed in a range of roles across both New Zealand and Australia.

During her conversation with Mike Adam, our Managing Director, she spoke about her experience as a locum and provided advice to doctors who are considering this option for themselves. The key topics covered include:

  • Why she decided to work as a locum and her experience with the application process – 1:00
  • How locum work has helped her with her goals around study and work/life balance – 5:45
  • What new skills she has gained through locum work – 7:00
  • The length of locum placements – 11:05
  • The financial benefits of working as a locum – 12:45
  • Locum job stability – 14:30
  • Advice for doctors considering locum work for the first time – 15:40

Listen to our chat with Dr McCarthy below, and if you’d like more advice on locuming, we have a number of resources available, including steps to securing the best locum assignments, a guide to thriving on your first day of a locum placement, how to manage the risks of locum work and tips on locum etiquette.

If you have any questions or would like to find out about the locum assignments we have available across New Zealand and Australia, get in touch with us.

Triple0 Talks is our podcast series that discusses important issues facing doctors today. Each episode highlights a specific theme and provides a real-world perspective from those who experience life as a doctor first-hand.

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