How to Choose the Best Locum Recruitment Agency

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How to Choose the Best Locum Recruitment Agency


If you’re a doctor looking for a new locum job opportunity, you have a wealth of choices in front of you with the range of locum assignments that are available within various hospitals across New Zealand and Australia. There are also countless locum recruitment agencies out there – but not all are created equal, and finding the right locum recruiter is key to maximising the benefits of locum work.

So, how do you narrow down the options and choose the best locum recruitment agency to connect you with a locum assignment? Here is a criterion for choosing a locum recruiter:

Determine Your Locum Job Requirements

Before looking for the best locum companies, determine what you want and need from a locum role. Are you looking to travel? Will you be bringing your family with you? How long do you want the locum assignment to be? What types of hospitals do you prefer to work in?

You should also consider your requirements around:

  • The type of locum job
  • Ideal pay rates
  • Specific locations you’re willing to work in

Once you know what you need, it’s easier to evaluate what each locum agency offers against your unique requirements, and it will also help a recruiter to accurately present you to employers matching those needs.

Find a Locum Recruitment Agency that Understands Your Medical Specialty

When considering what to look for in a locum recruitment agency, one of the key factors should be specialisation. A recruitment consultant who is dedicated to your specific area od medicine will be better able to speak the language, understand the intricacies of the speciality and will have connections in your desired location.Find a Locum Recruitment Agency that Understands Your Medical Specialty

When you speak to locum recruitment agencies, ask them if they have recruiters who specialise in your discipline. You should also find out how long they have worked in that area, who their clients are and how many locum jobs they currently have available. This will help you identify an agency with the right knowledge, industry relationships and network to help you succeed.

At Triple0, our reputation as experts in our field means we can place medical professionals in locum jobs across all specialties, including General Practitioners, Rural Health Specialists, Emergency Medicine, Psychiatrists, General Medical Physicians, Paediatrics, Obstetrics & Gynecology, General Surgeons, Orthopaedic Surgeons, Radiologists and Anaesthetists.

Understand the Locum Recruiter’s Services

It’s their services that truly set a locum recruitment company apart from the pack and make them a valuable partner, so be sure to ask about the specifics of their service offerings (beyond just how they manage the hiring process), as not every agency provides the same level of support.

One of the most time-consuming aspects of applying for a locum job is completing the paperwork required by hospitals and clinics, including CVs, references and credentials. A good locum recruiter will guide you through this process the first time you do it and will ideally store this information to make it quicker for future assignments. They may even offer locum job application checklists to guide you through the process of preparing your paperwork (we have one for both Australia and New Zealand).

Another key aspect of locum recruitment services to consider is how you will be paid for your locum work. Depending on the country, you could be paid directly by the agency as a contractor, or through your own Legal Entity Company. If you will be paid directly by the locum recruitment agency under a Labour Hire Agreement, they should take care of your taxes, superannuation and workers compensation. You should also find out how often you will be paid, and what the payment process is (you can learn how Triple0 pays locums in this FAQ).

Look for a Locum Agency That Will Take Care of the Details

A good locum recruitment agency should make finding and securing locums assignments as easy and stress-free as possible. Look for a medical recruitment consultant who spends time explaining information, answering questions and taking care of all the nitty-gritty details at each stage of the process and throughout the assignment. The best locum recruiters will support you with everything from negotiating rates and extras, collating paperwork, completing forms and ensuring prompt payment, to negotiating dates and shift times, and booking flights, accommodation and vehicle hire. They will also do whatever they can to improve processes to make your life easier and minimise burdensome administrative tasks, including allowing forms to be completed electronically. For example, Triple0 offers an electronic timesheet system that allows you to quickly and conveniently complete timesheets online, making it simpler to claim expenses and ensuring you are always paid on time.

In addition to this, look for a locum agency with a long-term focus, which works closely with district health boards to plan for future gaps and identify the shifts that will be available in the coming Look for a Locum Agency That Will Take Care of the Detailsmonths. The team at Triple0 looks beyond just your current role and will actively approach hospitals or clinics on your behalf to source locum assignments that fit your availability and requirements.


The bottom line is that you need to find a locum recruitment agency that is as good at their job as you are at yours. Knowing what to look for can make it easier to identify the right recruiter for you and your goals.

If you’re ready to find a new locum job in New Zealand or Australia, get in touch to speak to one of our medical recruitment specialists, and read our comprehensive guide to working as a locum for key insights into the locum sector and advice on becoming a locum doctor.

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