October 2019 Company Update – Latest Staff News at Triple0

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There have been several exciting updates at Triple0 Medical recently that includes welcoming new faces, the promotion of familiar faces, commencing tech projects to improve our services and implementing an exciting restructure of our coordinators.

Brooke Lindstrom – Locum Recruitment Consultant

Brooke Lindstrom, Locum Recruitment Consultant

After almost 2 years in the Customer Care Coordinator with Kylie Blomquist, we are delighted to announce Brooke has been promoted to a Recruitment Consultant position. Her stellar work effort and endless optimism is the bread and butter of what makes a recruiter great. We can’t wait to see her grow in leaps and bounds.

Kylie Brocket – Permanent Recruitment Consultant

Kylie Brocket, Permanent Recruitment Consultant

We’d also like to congratulate Kylie Brocket on her recent appointment as a Permanent Recruitment Consultant. Her time at the CDHB and also, her recent role credentialling our candidates ensured she has hit the ground running and we could not be happier.

Rachael Godfrey – Customer Care Coordinator

Rachael Godfrey, Customer Care Coordinator

Our most recent addition to the Triple0 team is Rachael Godfrey, who will be working as a Customer Care Coordinator with Kylie Blomquist, her doctors and clients. She has recently moved back to New Zealand and is excited to help deliver positive outcomes for doctors and hospitals alike.

Kylie Levenger – Business Improvement Officer

Kylie Levenger, Business Improvement Officer

Most of you will know Kylie from her time as a Customer Care Coordinator here, where she has been a consummate professional and our ethical compass. Recently we identified an opportunity to amplify these strengths in a newly created role that focuses on our internal process and improving our services for clients and candidates throughout their recruitment journey.

Olivia Gill – Customer Care Coordinator

Olivia Gill, Customer Care Coordinator

With Kylie moving into the BIO role, it only seemed natural to move Olivia into her coordinator role given her close relationship with Customer Care Manager Liz Hill and her time in the UK is perfectly suited to assist in placing our permanent and overseas doctors.

Sam McMillan – Digital Marketing Specialist

Sam McMillan, Digital Marketing Specialist

In times of massive tech implementation in recruitment, Triple0 is keen to stay ahead of the curve in finding the best solutions for candidates and clients alike.

As a result of this goal, Triple0 have enlisted our Digital Marketing Specialist, Sam McMillan to manage a project to find the best tech solutions which allow our staff to do more of what they do best…provide best solutions for candidates and clients. We look forward to telling you more about this as it develops.

Closing Thoughts

For any further information on the changes, please contact one of the staff today. Also, be sure to keep up to date with our other informative blogs via The Checkup.

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