The Triple0 Guide to Thriving on Your First Day of a Locum Placement

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At Triple0, we understand the importance of hitting the ground running when starting a new locum job. The first locum shift can normally bring on a bout of nerves and stress, no matter how experienced you might be. New people, new environment, new systems parking etc. are just some of the factors doctors must contend with on day one.

The following guide was created by Triple0 to aid locum doctors in making their first days on locum placement count.

Before the First Day

In any line of work, preparation is key. Starting a new locum job is no different. Below are a few ways we have found that can help to position yourself for success before you even start your first locum shift.

Top 4 Pre-Day One Preparation Tips:

  1. Triple0 will inform you of where to go to and in some cases, who to report to specifically on your first day. Please have these details accessible to you on day one.
  2. Ensure you have any required paperwork with you.
  3. Plan your journey. It is important for you to be able to arrive early on day one to best settle in before the chaos of your shift. Map out your routes so you can get the timing just right.
  4. Figure out the status of parking facilities or public transport routes. This detail will have a significant impact on your time management heading into day one.

The First Day as a Locum

Today’s the big day, day one of your new locum placement. It is your time to shine, you have followed all the preparation steps and you feel raring to go; now what else can you do to ensure the first locum shift is a good one?

We have found these to be the most important factors in ensuring you perform to the best of your ability and have a positive experience on the first day.

Be Early

Directly following the preparation section, being early on day one is paramount to starting off on the right foot. If you have followed the above steps, you will have been able to greatly reduce your stress levels, and you will feel far more in control of the day as you arrive. This will also give you time to introduce yourself to staff and get familiar with your new surroundings before your shift.

Ask for an Introduction

By arriving early and giving yourself the opportunity to meet your new colleagues, it shows proactivity and a willingness to learn, especially if you initiate the introduction yourself. This will greatly endear you to your peers and others. Furthermore, by doing this you may end up getting a more colloquial introduction to procedures and hospital/clinic layout.

Look at the Systems Used

Depending on how early you arrive at your first locum shift, it would be wise to get a once over on the computer systems used to make sure you are comfortable going into your shift. As your locum agency, we’ll always ensure you have as much information on the particular hospital’s technology, but nothing beats hands on experience! It’s always good to login prior to the shift to avoid technical issues on day one.

Speak to Your Recruitment Consultant

Our recruitment consultants are happy to chat through anything with you, before, during or after day one. Here at Triple0 Medical, we pride ourselves on being with our doctors every step of the way. If you have any questions or worries about starting, we really are here to help. Furthermore, to contact one of our team members directly, you can find their contact details here.

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