What Do You Need When Contacting A Recruiter About A Locum Position?

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What Do You Need When Contacting A Recruiter About A Locum Position?

So, you’ve decided you’d like to do some locum work. You want to get the ball rolling straight away, but what do you need to have ready when contacting a recruiter?

In this piece, we examine what is required when contacting a recruiter about obtaining a locum position and why. These steps will ensure you have the best chance of getting a role to suit your needs in a timely and efficient manner, thus reducing delays or difficulties for all parties involved.

Up to Date CV

First of all, a current CV is imperative to the recruitment process. Having an outdated or incomplete CV can severely hamper the speed and ultimate success of an application. Too frequently, job-seeking doctors send off a CV to recruiters that undercuts their abilities — making it difficult for a recruiter to promote the doctor as a viable candidate.

Having a CV ready to go when contacting a recruiter allows them to work efficiently and effectively for you, rather than going back and forth with you requiring updates or the completed document itself.

Two Referees Minimum

Having two referees is critical to the credibility of your application when it is presented to a hospital looking for a locum. It’s important to have not just any two referees, but ones that are logically chosen and gathered well ahead of time to ensure swift movement in the hiring process.

This also makes your application more attractive when a recruiter is presenting you.

Preferred Locum Destination

Location is a significant factor for some doctors. Informing a recruiter of preferred destinations to locum allows them to find the best fit solution and placements for your career, lifestyle, family and more. Whether it’s Australia or New Zealand, having a certain location in mind assists in narrowing down potential options for your next locum placement and allows a recruiter to perform to the best of their ability.

Correct Contact Details

Providing a recruiter with correct contact details ensures that you will stay well informed of any updates in your locum journey, whether it’s regarding the documentation or organising an interview. It also minimises delays in the process of securing a position, particularly if it’s a competitive placement.

Access to Documents for Credentialing

Credentials are just some of the building blocks of any locum placement. The sooner a recruiter receives documents relevant to your application, the sooner credentialing can be completed, and a clearer picture of what options are available in the locum space will emerge. During the first conversation with a recruiter, they will let you know what documentation is required.

Closing Thoughts

If you have more questions or would like more information on locum opportunities and how Triple0 Medical can assist in ensuring the process is smooth, contact the team here. Furthermore, for more articles about locums, visit Locum Planet on our website.

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